Pinmarking, also known as needle marking or dot peen marking, is a versatile and durable method for marking materials of various shapes. By using a carbide-tipped needle that oscillates by compressed air, pinmarking can create legible lettering, numbers, logos, and even 2D codes like DataMatrix.
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Any characters, numbers, logos and 2D codes (DataMatrix) can be embossed within the marking field during needle embossing.

Dot peen marking

Pinmark system is also known as needle marking or dot peen marking. It’s a versatile method that can be used to mark materials of various shapes, whether they are round or flat. This process involves a special needle that oscillates by compressed air, which is moved in both the X and Y directions during its up and down movements.

During pinmarking, the carbide tip hits the workpiece shortly before its lower reversal point. This compresses or displaces material in the workpiece, creating a sequence of individual points or lettering. The marking can form a closed line, but a dotted font can also be created by selecting a font in which the dots are embossed farther apart. Among the various types of marking we offer at SAOS pinmark is one of the most effective one.

Using pinmark method, markings can be as deep as 0.7 mm. The distance between the carbide tip and the workpiece can be up to 10 mm. Additionally, the oscillating needle can compensate for material unevenness up to 6 mm, ensuring that your markings remain legible even after powder coating or painting. The method used with pinmark systems in SAOS depends on your preferences and needs. Each method has its own upsides and downsides.

The marking tool with a carbide tip is secured in the marking head, which is also called the stamping head. Typically, a stamping head comes with 2 linear axes that are operated by toothed belts. Any characters, numbers, logos, and even 2D codes like DataMatrix can be embossed within the marking field during pinmarking.

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Strengths of the pinmark systems

No material removal with metal marking
Permanent marking on various materials and shapes
The marking models are available as table , hand , combi- and integration models available
High marking speed
For a wide range of surface shapes such as flat, round, concave, convex, etc.
Pinmark is easy to optimise for your individual requirements thanks to modular product range

Marking examples

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