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Regardless of what type of marking you need, ink jet, electrolytic marking or laser engraving on your machines we offer you a large scale of consumables that will improve your products or the process you're hiring us for.
Electrolytics - consumables


Our specially developed felt serves as an optimal electrolyte carrier and contributes to the even distribution of the electrolyte on the area to be marked. We offer our carbon felt for semi-automatic and manual marking systems.
Consumables: Carbon felt
Consumables: Conductive net
Electrolytics - consumables

Conductive net

Our conductive net is made of an electrically conductive fabric which prevents the marking from being burned into the felt. Before the marking has the conductive net to be stretched over the felt. The result is an even power distribution and optimal marking of your product.
Electrolytics - consumables

Electrolyte and Neutralyte

From aluminum to zinc - we offer a wide range of electrolytes for every material. Our wide range of electrolytes offers an individually tailored solution for every electrically conductive material.

In order to avoid corrosion, we recommend cleaning every workpiece after marking with a Neutralyt. We also offer corrosion-free electrolytes for marking corrosion-prone materials. Subsequent neutralization is no longer necessary.
Consumables: Electrolyte and Neutralyte
Consumables: Long and short term stencils
Electrolytics - consumables

Long and short term stencils

Our long-term stencils are ideal for consistent markings with a large number of copies. There are no limits to the graphic options. We can create a suitable template and offer for you individually on your request. Our long-term stencils are compatible with all electrolytic marking systems available on the market.

Our short-term stencils are ideal for frequently changing markings such as serial numbers, type plates, etc.

We offer various options for producing a short-term stencil:
  • Short-term stencils made of stencil paper which you can make yourself with a needle printer or typewriter. By removing the top layer of the stencil paper, the desired template for your marking is created.
  • Short-term stencils as direct thermal stencils. To make these stencils, you need a suitable printer which we also have in our range. With our stencil printer, short-term stencils can be produced quickly and easily. We offer different sizes and options of these stencil printers.
Grid templates:

Grid templates are used to analyze the movement and tracking of components. Problems can be detected and corrected through internal measurements. Possible grid options:

Point grid
Circular grid
Square grid
Circle and cross grid
Number and letter strips:

Number and letter strips are available from A-Z, a-z, 0-9,., . The stencil strips are firmly glued to the stencil protector. Different combinations of letters, numbers and special characters are also possible.

Combi digit bands:

Any serial or drawing numbers or, for example, a date can be electrolytically marked with the combination number tapes. Different combinations of numbers, letters, special characters or logos are possible. The order can be changed by manually pulling the straps.

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