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Looking for high-quality and reliable electrolytic marking systems? Look no further than our top-of-the-line products designed for precision, durability, and efficiency.

SAOS Electrolytic marking systems

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a trusted provider of metal marking services.

Electrolytic marking

SAOS provides highly effective and durable electrolytic marking systems for steel marking and etching metal. Our electrolytic marking process involves using a signing stencil with electrolytes and current to permanently transfer text or images onto an electrically conductive product. Unlike traditional etching, we do not use acids or any other hazardous substances.

We offer two types of signing templates, short-term and long-term, along with electrolytic accessories such as felt, conductive net, and marking heads. Our marking systems ensure high-quality and long-lasting markings on various electrically conductive materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, carbide, and more. If your material is not included, please contact us for a suitable solution.

Our electrolytic marking process produces black or white, or deep markings depending on the surface material and current flow, with no material removal for light or dark markings. This process is ideal for marking steel and other materials used in medical and food technology, as well as air and space.

With almost limitless graphic possibilities, our electrolytic marking systems have been used for decades, making markings available in any size from injection needles to container marking. We offer a large selection of our own electrolytes for a variety of materials, ensuring maximum flexibility and customization. Choose SAOS Electrolytic Marking Systems for high-quality and long-lasting marking solutions.

Strengths of electrolytic marking systems

Cost-effective, durable, fast and high-contrast marking
Free graphic design of marking templates such as company logos, article numbers, trademarks, batch numbers, scales or decorative markings possible
Even large areas can be marked quickly, cleanly and easily
For the most varied surface shapes, such as flat, round, concave, convex – no deformation due to gentle surface marking!
Easy optimization and expansion through modular and extensive product range possible
In approx. 1-3 seconds you will receive a high-contrast, durable and high-quality lettering
Different degrees of automation possible
Depth markings in µ-range possible
No material removal takes place with black or white markings



Automation-capable electrolytic marking devices for professional use.

The technically most innovative electrolytic marking system worldwide.

Technically speaking, electrolytic marking is very simple: except for a device that supplies the energy and the electrolyte, only one marking head is needed. A stencil is clamped onto the marking head or placed directly on the workpiece to be marked. The marking head and the workpiece are connected to the control unit. As soon as the marking head soaked with electrolyte is pressed onto the workpiece, the electric circuit is closed. Current flows and the workpiece is marked with an exact copy of the template.


For direct and permanent marking of products with electrically conductive surfaces.

The Flowetch is a semi-automatic marking system. The product to be marked is placed on the marking head and pneumatically pressed into place. The marking is then carried out on the underside of the respective product.

The marking is effected by a current pulse which is guided through the embossing of a stencil. This creates an exact image on the product to be marked.

The permanent electrolyte flow cools down the stencil and the material, making the stencils more durable.

SAOS Electrolytic marking systems Machines


SAOS Electrolytic marking systems Felt


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