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Using GOM's ATOS series of optical scanners, we record three-dimensional shapes of all materials and sizes.
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Naš 3D optički skener ATOS 5 12M XL je mjerni sustav za 3D optičko mjerenje vrhunske preciznosti.

3D Scanning & 3D Measurement

By using non-contact 3D scanner with GOM’s optical scanners from the ATOS series, we can accurately and quickly capture the three-dimensional shapes of real objects, regardless of their material, size, and complexity. Our 3D scanner is one of the best devices currently available in the world. We also use high-resolution ATOS industrial 3D scanners for the 3D digitization of a wide range of objects, such as sheet metal parts, tools and molds, turbine blades, prototypes, injection-molded or cast parts, and many other items, using portable and robust ATOS systems for on-site 3D scanning. The technology of blue light with narrow wavelengths ensures accuracy regardless of ambient lighting.

Best results on the market.

The result of the scan is the complete geometry digitized in the form of a dense point cloud or a polygonized STL mesh that accurately describes the surface geometry of the scanned object. The detailed shape of objects remains stored on the computer, while numerous functions of GOM software packages facilitate the application in a variety of different areas of industry, design, art, culture, science, and education.

The price of 3D scanning and measurement services depends on your inquiry, which we receive by phone at +385 98 944 3994 or via email at office@saos.hr. Our sophisticated technology and high-quality 3D imagers and scanners make SAOS the top choice for your 3D scanning needs.

3D optical measurement system
Two cameras with a resolution of 12 megapixels.
A projector with blue LED light and heterodyne projection method.
GOM Touch Probe is an optically tracked measuring probe.
Measurement areas: 700 x 520 mm2, 320 x 240 mm2
Laser pointers for setting measuring distances.
Projection technology with "Blue Light Equalizer" for the highest level of result quality.
Photogrammetric upgrade for ATOS - for measuring large objects and 3D measurements of displacements and deformations at discrete points.
Translation: Image processing and sensor control system for optical measurement.
ATOS Professional - software for management, control, and analysis.
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