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3D printing, or direct digital manufacturing, enables fast prototyping as well as the production of replacement parts or small batches of finished products.
SAOS 3D Printanje

SAOS uses the STRATASYS F900 device with FDM 3D printing technology for plastic printing.

About 3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing (also known as 3D printing) is a fast way of creating prototypes through devices based on patented 3D technology that directly manufacture physical objects in space from a 3D program.

Three-dimensional printing, especially color printing, provides development engineers and designers with a clear insight into the design process, the ability to highlight various parameters, and the ability to easily and quickly detect potential errors and correct them efficiently.

Using these 3D printer capabilities significantly shortens the production time and increases the level of quality of models and prototypes. If your company needs 3D scanning and model making before 3D printing, feel free to contact us.

At SAOS, we offer the possibility of printing large or several smaller parts in the widest range of FDM materials, using the largest available chamber for building among FDM printers. Our additive manufacturing can be of the widest range, with consistent and accurate results.

For 3D plastic printing in Croatia, SAOS uses the STRATASYS F900 device with 3D FDM printing technology. During 3D printing, parts are built layer by layer from a polymer material that passes through a nozzle in the form of wire, which is heated and melted. During production, the material is extruded and deposited in desired places in very fine layers with a working volume (WxDxH): 914.4 mm x 609.6 mm x 914.4 mm.

We support 15 types of polymers: ABS-M30, ABS-M30i, ABS-ESD7, Antero 800NA, ASA, PC-ISO, PC, PC-ABS, PPSF, Nylon 12, Nylon 12CF, Nylon 6, ULTEM 9085, ULTEM 1010, ST-130.


FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) tehnology
Working volume (WxDxH): 914.4 mm x 609.6 mm x 914.4 mm.
Separate extruders for building and support materials.
The ability to print large or multiple smaller parts in the widest range of FDM materials.
Layer thickness in the Z-axis direction: 0.127 mm, 0.178 mm, 0.254 mm, 0.330 mm, 0.508 mm.
The best quality of 3D Print in Zagreb
The largest available build chamber among FDM printers.
Additive manufacturing on a large scale, with consistent and accurate results.
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