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We offer a wide range of services, including 3D printing, 3D measurement, 3D scanning, and milling. Depending on the material being printed, we use 3D printing of plastic and 3D printing of metal.

STRATASYS F900 is using FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology and has a working volume: 914,4mm x 609,6mm x 914,4mm

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When it comes to 3D industry, the most common reference is 3D printing, which can include both plastic and metal 3D printing. SAOS offers extremely precise, fast and high-quality solutions using the STRATASYS F900 device for plastic printing and the EOS M 290 for metal printing.

3D printing is an ideal solution for small product runs that are not cost-effective for large factory production. For example, 3D printing is considered cost-effective for production runs of about ten to a thousand pieces. After that, it is recommended to move on to mass production by making tools for injection molding.

The areas of application for 3D printers include architecture, design, computer science, education, machine building, aeronautics, metallurgy, modeling, medicine, bio-modeling, geo-info systems, molecular chemistry, etc. SAOS was one of the first in Croatia to offer 3D printing services and other 3D-related services of the best quality.

In addition to 3D printing, SAOS also offers 3D modeling, 3D measurement, 3D scanning, and milling services. For 3D measurement and scanning services, we use the ATOS 5 12M XL device, a 3D optical scanner that is one of the best devices available, and thanks to us, it is also available in Zagreb.

The price of any of our services depends on your inquiry. We recieve them by phone at +385 98 944 3994 or via email at

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