SAOS products offer smart marking solution for all your individual marking requirements
SAOS Products Lasers
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Our marking lasers enable you to mark a wide variety of materials and products. Metals as well as plastics, ceramics, glass, silicon and organic substances can be marked precisely and with consistently high quality with our laser systems.
SAOS Electrolytic marking systems
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Electrolytic marking systems

Electrolytic marking is based on an electrochemical marking process in which the text or image is permanently marked on an electrically conductive material. Although it is often referred as an etching system do we not use acids or other hazardous substances!
SAOS Products Pinmark
SAOS Products


Materials of most different shapes (no matter if round or flat) can be marked with a special needle. In needle embossing (also called impact point method), the material is marked with a hard metal tip (needle) oscillating by compressed air, which is moved in X and Y direction during its up and down movements.
SAOS Products Ink-jet
SAOS Products


No matter whether continuous barcodes or QR codes, graphics, logos, best-before date or LOT number - with our Inkjet labelling devices, smudge-proof printing is easy.
SAOS Industrial carbon felt
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Industrial felt

Our felt is successfully used in different industries and branches. Our customers are based in the in the automotive, medical, solar, LED and further industries. Carbon felt bring several benefits like high temperature nitriding, carburizing and heat treating.